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Alligator Tattoo Ideas

Alligators are a big part of American culture. They’re all over our movies and TV shows, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid to Kevin Smith’s Mallrats. They also make for great tattoos! Alligator tattoo designs are often sleek and colorful, perfect for the modern day fashionista who wants a little more than just your standard black ink. If you want some alligator inspiration, here are 11 alligator tattoo ideas that will have you saying “OOGA BOOGA!”

Table of Contents

  1. Why People Choose to Get An Alligator Tattoo?

  2. What Does an Alligator Tattoo Symbolize?

  3. Traditional American Alligator Tattoo:

  4. Alligator Tattoo with Tribal Design:

  5. Low Back Alligator Tattoo:

  6. Open Mouth Alligator Tattoo

  7. Alligator Head Tattoo

  8. Alligator and Flowers Tattoo

  9. Half Sleeve Alligators Tattoo

  10. Alligator Design Tattoo

  11. Simple Black and White Alligator Tattoo

  12. Geometric Alligators Tattoo

  13. Black Ink Drawing of an Alligator

  14. Tribal Alligators Tattoo

  15. Colorful Alligator Design Tattoo

  16. Alligators With Geometric Shaping Tattoo

  17. Alligator Tattoo Design Ideas

  18. Skull And Alligator Tattoo Combo

  19. Alligator Tattoo On Forearm

  20. Alligator Tattoo On Foot

  21. Alligator Tattoo On Ankle

  22. Alligator Tattoo On Chest

  23. Alligator Tattoo On Bicep

  24. Alligator Tattoo On Wrist

  25. Alligator Tattoo on The Neck:

  26. Alligator with Rope Tattoo

  27. Crocodile Tattoos

  28. Black Alligator Tattoo Ideas

Why People Choose to Get An Alligator Tattoo?

People get alligator tattoos for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is that they are just so darn cool! Alligators inhabit many different environments in North America. They can be found from coast to coast and as far north as Minnesota. In all sorts of habitats, including swamps and wetlands, marshes and bayous, canals and rivers, estuaries and lakes.

Alligators are famous for their distinctive snouts with two prominent upper teeth on the lower jaw bone. They have four other teeth in each side of their mouths to help them grab prey before crushing it in their powerful jaws! Alligator tattoos can also represent a feeling or emotion or just be a really cool design.

There are so many alligator tattoo ideas and designs out there, it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of them!

alligator tattoo

What Does an Alligator Tattoo Symbolize?

Alligator tattoos show a tough and durable person. They are also known for their strong bite, which is symbolized in the tattoo by sharp teeth on alligator design tattoos.

Traditional American Alligator Tattoo:

This traditional alligator tattoo is done in black work with tribal influences around the face. The scales on this tatt demonstrate an attention to detail and a willingness to push the boundaries of tattooing.

America traditional alligator tattoo
alligator tattoo on arm

Alligator Tattoo with Tribal Design:

This alligator tattoo is done in blackwork, but it’s more tribal than traditional Americana style. It features an Indigenous design on top of the alligator which embodies that sense of belonging and feeling like you belong somewhere

tribal alligator tattoo
tribal crocodile tattoo

Low Back Alligator Tattoo:

This alligator tattoo is done in blackwork on the lower back. The artist has used a minimalist design that incorporates shading with some depth, which makes it seem like you’re actually looking at an actual alligator skin

green alligator tattoo on back
alligator tattoo on lower back
lower back alligator tattoo

Open Mouth Alligator Tattoo

This alligator tattoo features the open mouth of an Americana alligator, but with a tribal look. It’s an all-over design on the leg that makes it seem like you’re seeing through the skin

open mouth alligator tattoo
open mouth crocodile tattoo

Alligator Head Tattoo

This alligator tattoo features just an alligator head and neck to create this clean, geometric style of blackwork. The shading is minimal which helps make the shape and alligator’s features pop

alligator head tattoo
alligator head tattoo

Alligator and Flowers Tattoo

This alligator tattoo is done in blackwork with some shading as well. The artist has the head of an alligator, along with flowers on a vine that wrap around its body to create this intricate design

alligator with flower tattoo
flower with alligator tattoo
alligator and flower tattoo

Half Sleeve Alligators Tattoo

This half sleeve alligator tattoo is done in blackwork as well. The alligators are all over the arm with one on the wrist, and then another that stretches up to cover some of the shoulder area

half sleeve alligator tattoo
half sleeve alligator and skull tattoo

Alligator Design Tattoo

This alligator design tattoo is a simple, yet eye catching design. It features just an outline of an alligator head with shading along with some green elements

Simple Black and White Alligator Tattoo

A simple black and white alligator tattoo features an outline of the alligator and some shading.

black and white alligator tattoo
black and white tattoo alligator

Geometric Alligators Tattoo

These alligators are done in a geometric pattern that is easy to look at while also providing something different than most alligator tattoos

geometric crocodile tattoo

Black Ink Drawing of an Alligator

The black ink drawing is simple, but it still has the essence of an alligator design complete with the alligator’s eye and teeth

Tribal Alligators Tattoo

This tribal tattoo features an alligator design in a geometric pattern, but it also has some interesting details such as stripes along with red shading

Colorful Alligator Design Tattoo

This colorful alligator is one of the most popular designs. It truly embodies a colorful alligator that is not only easy to look at, but also entertaining

Alligators With Geometric Shaping Tattoo

The geometric shaping here makes a clean and simple tattoo design. It features an alligator in the center of some triangles

The most popular alligator tattoos are colorful with plenty of shapes or include shading to make it more realistic.

Alligator Tattoo Design Ideas

There are alligators in just about any style you can think of as well as a variety of colors and sizes

Skull And Alligator Tattoo Combo

This tattoo features an alligator head that is eating the skull off its back while it has another one with some teeth showing from the back of its head

The alligator design can be a great choice for anyone who has an affinity with the animal as well. It is also one of the more popular types of tattoos that people get on their backs or stomachs, so it’s easy to show off

skull and alligator tattoo

Alligator Tattoo On Forearm

This tattoo is a simple alligator head design that is placed on the forearm. It has red and green eyes, long teeth and sharp black scales

It can be difficult to find alligator tattoo ideas because they are so versatile. They tend to work really well as a part of other tattoos, or you could have one just by itself on the arm, stomach or back

alligator forearm tattoo
forearm alligator tattoo

Alligator Tattoo On Foot

This is an alligator design that features some apple green scales and has a yellow tongue sticking out.

alligator tattoo on foot
crocodile tattoo on foot

Alligator Tattoo On Ankle

Here is another alligator design that has green scales and a beady red eye.

Alligator Tattoo On Chest

You could also choose to have an alligator design on the chest. This one has very long white teeth and a green body with red eyes

Alligator Tattoo On Bicep

One great idea is for you to get an alligator tattoo that starts at the bicep and goes all the way down to your wrist.

Alligator Tattoo On Wrist

You could also get an alligator design that is only on the wrist and starts at your knuckles. One of these would be a really cute idea for someone who has never gotten a tattoo before.

Alligator Tattoo on The Neck:

Neck tattoos are becoming more and more popular.

Alligator Tattoo On The Neck: This one is a little different because it starts on the neck and goes all the way up to your ear. It also has green scales that have been designed with some really cool shades of blue, purple, and red colors.

Alligator with Rope Tattoo

Is your alligator tattoo in the water? One of these awesome pictures is a great idea to get if you want something that represents where your alligator is living. There are two main ways for people to do this. You can either have an alligator with some rope around it, or you could make sure that there’s water dripping off the alligator.

Crocodile Tattoos

Crocodiles are also a type of reptile that have been tattooed quite often. If you are interested in getting one, here are some different types to check out:

Crocodile Tattoo on Arm: One great idea would be for you to get an alligator design with scales and teeth that starts at your shoulder and goes down your arm.

Crocodile Tattoo on Shoulder: You could also get a crocodile design that is only on the shoulder and starts at your bicep.

Black Alligator Tattoo Ideas

For those of you who want a black alligator tattoo, there are several different ideas. One is to have the entire alligator in black but then highlight it with some red scales on its backside. Another idea would be to put your alligator into an environment where it’s not going anywhere anytime soon: like a box or cage.

What is the History of The Alligator?

The reason that the alligator has been able to thrive for millions of years is due in part to their scaly skin that shields them from their enemies.

What’s the meaning of a freshwater reptile tattoo?

These swamp-loving freshwater reptiles drawn as tattoos can be symbolic of dominance, power, strength, and fearlessness.

What are the best black and white alligator tattoos?

If you really want a such tattoo, you can choose a black-contour geometric or an origami one and place it on your wrists, ankles or forearms.

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