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Alien Tattoo

Alien tattoos are a popular choice among Sci-Fi fans and those who want to make a statement. It’s not uncommon for people to get an alien tattoo as their first tattoo, or even the only one they will ever have. The most common symbol of alien culture is the alien head, but there are many other symbols that represent different aspects of alien life. In this post we’ll explore some of these sacred symbols and what they mean!

The alien head is the most well known symbol of alien life, and has been used since as early as 1915. It’s a popular choice for people who want to express their connection with space or those who are fans of science fiction movies like “E.T.”

Other symbols that represent different aspects of alien life include the alien’s eye, antennae or antenna-like ears and a hand with the index finger and middle finger sticking out in an “x” shape.

Table of Contents

  1. Alien Tattoo Meaning

  2. Spaceship Tattoo Designs:

  3. 1. What is an alien tattoo and what does it symbolize?

  4. 2. The History of The Alien Tattoo

  5. The popularity of alien tattoo designs has grown considerably in recent years

  6. Alien Tattoo on Forearm

  7. Alien Tattoo on Chest

  8. Alien tattoo on finger

  9. Alien Tattoo on Finger Meaning

  10. Alien Tattoo on Ankle

  11. Alien Tattoo on Wrist

  12. Alien Head Tattoo

  13. Alien Hand Tattoos

  14. Alien Eyes Tattoos

  15. Alien and UFO Tattoo Designs

  16. Alien Tattoo: Sacred Symbols

  17. Watercolour Alien Tattoo

  18. Conculsion

Alien Tattoo Meaning

If you have an alien tattoo, it could mean that you are a fan of aliens and space or science fiction. It could also be a way for you to express your connection with space.

The meaning of these symbols varies from person to person, but they are all often associated with outer space travel or some other aspect of science fiction culture.

There are many different symbols of alien life, which people often choose for a variety of reasons. Some may represent space or science fiction culture and others might be more personal in nature.

The most well-known symbol is the alien head, but other popular choices include the alien’s eye, the alien hand, and the middle finger sticking out in an “x” shape.

Unicorns are another popular choice among people who want to express their love of all things magical or fantasy-related.

Some believe that having these tattoos is spiritually significant because they represent something spiritual about themselves. Others might have them just for fun or to represent an interest they have in their life.

For people who want to get a tattoo for spiritual reasons, it can be important that the person is both comfortable with the meaning of the symbol and also feels spiritually connected to it.

On top of this, many of these symbols are based on folklore or science fiction culture which means alien tattoos can represent a lot of different things depending on who is looking at them.

There are many options when it comes to choosing an alien tattoo design that holds special meaning and significance for the individual in question, but these two popular choices just scratch the surface of all possible symbols out there.

Spaceship Tattoo Designs:

alien tattoo

The alien head, antennae or an alien hand are popular choices for people who want to express their connection with space travel.

Spaceship tattoo designs can be used as a symbol of war and battle in the case of military tattoos.

It can also represent exploration if you’re thinking about getting a design that’s more abstract and geometric.

Some alien tattoos are designed to resemble an old-fashioned rocket ship, which is a symbol of travel between the Earth and space.

Others may have wings or show traditional “space women” with antennas coming out of their heads.

A common design for alien tats is a dome shape that looks like a head, with a cluster of antennae coming out the top.

Other tats have an alien hand reaching down from space or show one shaking hands with earthlings.

Some tattoos are more abstract and geometric in design while others may be symbolic representations of power and conquest over human beings.

1. What is an alien tattoo and what does it symbolize?

An alien tattoo is a design on the skin that takes inspiration from aliens, who are not of this world. Some common symbols used are antennae or antenna-like ears and an eye, but there’s no limit to what can make up an alien tattoo as long as it has some connection with extraterrestrial life!

Alien tattoos can symbolize many different things, but some common associations are outer space travel and the science fiction culture.

2. The History of The Alien Tattoo

Alien tattoos have been around since the 1970s, but it wasn’t until later that they became more popular and mainstream. This is largely thanks to an alien-themed movie called “E.T.” starring Drew Barrymore, which came out in 1982 (right when tattooing was gaining in popularity). The film sparked a fascination with outer space and many people began to get alien tattoos, with a significant increase in numbers thanks to that.

Alien tattoos have come full circle and are now popular again for the same reasons they were in the 70s – curiosity about space exploration and science fiction culture. They’re also used as an expression of creativity (as there’s no limit on what an alien can look like) and as a form of self-expression (again, due to the fact that there are no limits on what an alien might be).

The alien is a perfect symbol for the unknown, and as such is considered to be both terrifying and fascinating. Additionally, it can represent other things that are outside of our understanding – anything from new ideas or cultures to the unknown or inexplicable.

Alien tattoos have also been used for many years in prisons by gang members. It’s not uncommon for them to get this type of tattoo done while incarcerated because it symbolizes “defiance, power and control.”

Tattoo Artists often incorporate alien-type images into their tattoos. This is because they are often associated with change, mystery and individuality.

The popularity of alien tattoo designs has grown considerably in recent years

One popular alien tattoo design is the ship and skull combo. This indicates that an individual’s soul or life force was “invaded” by an alien, which can have a variety of meanings depending on who you are talking to. A variation of this type of tattoo would be one where there is only a ship.

This type of tattoo is often a symbol to represent the journey that one’s life has taken them on, and it can also signify an individual who wants to break free from their life or someone they were once before. It can be a reminder for those with regrets about what direction in which they have chosen to go in order to find the answers they need or to find a new path.

In addition, an alien tattoo can represent someone who is lost in their life and looking for some type of direction from something other than themselves. This person may feel that there are no clear choices available to them and they look out into space as if it will provide all the answers for them.

This type of tattoo is also a representation that there is more out there for an individual than what they currently know and are experiencing, which can be construed as alien life in the universe or another dimension to explore. It could signify both hope and fear at once because it offers new possibilities but also comes with uncertainty.

Alien Tattoo on Forearm

An alien tattoo on the forearm is often done as a cover-up for an original one or to signify something important. It’s usually not used as a standalone piece, but instead it can be combined with other tattoos such as flames and skulls.

There are many different types of first symbols that you could choose from when designing your own alien tattoo. For example, some people might choose something like a spaceship, whereas others may want to find the sign of infinity or use stars as an inspiration for their design.

alien tattoo on forearm
forearm alien tattoo
alien tattoo on forearm

Alien Tattoo on Chest

An alien tattoo on your chest may be a symbol of power, transformation or one that you want to protect. This type of design is often done in black and white with just the outline.

This image shows an alien skull with wings coming out of it. This is a powerful design that will make others take notice and wonder what the meaning behind the tattoo is.

Alien Tattoo on Chest this type of design is often done in black and white with just the outline. This image shows an alien skull with wings coming out of it. This is a powerful design that will make others take notice and wonder what the meaning behind the tattoo is.

Alien tattoo on finger

The Alien tattoo on finger is a very popular style to get inked. This type of design can be done with or without color, and typically has an extraterrestrial feel that remains popular among fans of sci fi movies. It’s been used as the subject for many tattoos in the spirit of sticking it to The Man, but its origins are much more ancient.

Alien Tattoo on Finger Meaning

The alien tattoo, on the other hand has little significance. To me as a wearer, an alien tattoo will represent anything you like it to. As previously said, you can get an alien tattoo to reflect your favourite sci-fi film or your passion for space.

Alien Tattoo on Ankle

The alien tattoo on ankle is a cute and simple design. This type of image can be done in any color, but typically features the outline of an alien head with two arms that wrap around it to create a hug or connection symbol. The hands often clasped together as if giving you a “high five.”

Alien Tattoo on Wrist

The alien tattoo on wrist is a popular style to get. This type of design can be done in any color, but typically has an extraterrestrial feel and often features the outline of an alien head with two arms that wrap around it to symbolize being connected or giving you a hug. The hands are clasped together as if giving you a “high five.”

Alien Head Tattoo

The alien head tattoo is one of the most symbolic tattoos in space. The reason there are so many different variations on this design is because it can be interpreted in a lot of ways and make sense to anyone who sees it. It’s not just an eye looking around, but rather an entire creature with its own story to tell – which makes it a great conversation starter, especially if you’re into alien conspiracy theories.

Alien Hand Tattoos

A tattoo of an alien hand reaching down from space is often symbolic of power and conquest over human beings while another interpretation may show the earthlings shaking hands with aliens in friendship. Sometimes this design will be more abstract or geometric in its design with the meaning of being an alien reaching out into space.

The head is symbolic of our most important and powerful organ, so it’s no surprise that many who get this tattoo will have a connection to extraterrestrials. It may also represent wisdom or knowledge given by outer beings in ancient times because there are some cultures that believe aliens came from the stars and gave knowledge to humans.

Alien Eyes Tattoos

This is an extremely popular design for those of us who want a more subtle alien-themed tattoo. It depicts two almond shaped eyes with either a black or brown iris, often set against a blank backdrop which might be symbolic of our consciousness being tapped into by aliens. It’s often paired with a simple symbol or geometric pattern to show contrast, and it can be found on the back of hands, wrists, lower backs, feet (although that one may not seem as alien), and thigh tattoos.

Alien eyes tattoo is frequently associated with spirituality because there are many who believe they have been contacted by aliens from the stars and that they are here to help us.

If you’re looking for a tattoo idea, alien eyes could be an excellent choice because it’s simple enough as not to distract too much but powerful in its own right.

For example some people think of them as simply being symbols of our connection with aliens while others see them as a gateway to another dimension.

Alien and UFO Tattoo Designs

Alien tattoos are symbolic representations of the extraterrestrial beings from other worlds that have visited Earth.

They also represent human beings who believe in and study UFOs or people who claim to be abducted by aliens, such as Betty Hill, an American woman who says she was kidnapped with her husband Barney on September 19th 1961

Alien Tattoo: Sacred Symbols

Alien tattoos have been popular for many decades now with some of the first ones popping up in the 1950s with an influx more coming out over time as people became interested in new styles to differentiate themselves from mainstream culture.

Many celebrities are seen proudly displaying these types of tattoos, like the actor Peter Weller who played Robocop in his movies.

Watercolour Alien Tattoo

A watercolour alien tattoo is a nice option for someone who wants to have something different from the typical black ink that’s more popular. This style often features pink and blue hues with added shading, giving it a bit of an artistic feel. In some cases, this type of design will also be combined into another one such as using a watercolour alien tattoo as part of a larger work that includes other elements like abstract shapes, flowers or butterflies.

Watercolor tattoos are usually done in person and may take over an hour to complete. They don’t require any equipment but instead rely on the artist’s own skillset with this particular medium.


In conclusion, an alien tattoo can be a representation of seeking something more, or it could represent someone who is lost and looking for guidance.

The meaning of these tattoos may vary from person to person depending on their life experiences and perspective, which makes them even more unique to the individual wearing them. It’s up to you what type of meanings your personal alien tattoo holds.

Just a few of the meanings for alien tattoos include discovering new life, exploring other dimensions and seeking guidance or hope. These represent thoughts that many people have from time to time so don’t be surprised if you find yourself relating to this topic.

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