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66 Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Women

Each rose symbolise something different. The red rose may represent hope while the pink may represent appreciation. A shoulder tattoo is stylish and can be covered or displayed whenever you chose. So we will show you 21 breathtaking rose shoulder tattoos. We have unique rosettes, unique embroidery designs, small designs and more. Take a look. You’ll soon want another tattoo. Make a trip across the beautiful rose tattoos that are made from all around the world to discover what your next tattoo would be? Check out the complete gallery of the best rose tattoo of all time!

Table of Contents

  1. Do shoulders tattoos hurt?

  2. Rose Tattoo Meaning

  3. Rose Tattoo With Name

  4. Rose Sleeve Tattoo Design

  5. Rose Hip Tattoo

  6. Small Rose Shoulder Tattoo

  7. Cool Rose Tattoo Designs

  8. Realistic Rose Tattoo Design

  9. Tiny Rose Tattoo Design

  10. Unique and trendy Rose Tattoo

  11. Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

  12. Rose Neck Tattoo Designs

  13. Rose Ankle Tattoo

  14. Tribal Rose Tattoo Design

  15. Traditional Rose Tattoo

  16. Skull and Rose Tattoo

  17. Rose Outline Tattoo Design

  18. Dead Rose Tattoo Design

  19. Money Rose Tattoo

  20. Yellow Rose Tattoo

  21. Red Rose Tattoo

  22. Cross with Rose Tattoo

  23. Compass Rose Tattoo

  24. Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

  25. Rose with Thorns Tattoo

  26. Rose with Thorns Tattoo

  27. Rose and Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

  28. Three Roses

  29. Black Rose Tattoo

  30. Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Shoulder

  31. Lily Tattoo on Shoulder

  32. Hibiscus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

  33. Lotus Tattoo on Shoulder

  34. Small Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

  35. Poppy Tattoo on Shoulder

  36. Daisy tattoo on shoulder

  37. Peony Tattoo on Shoulder

  38. Jasmine Tattoo on the shoulder

  39. Tribal Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

  40. Sunflower Tattoo on Shoulder

  41. Magnolia Tattoo on Shoulder

  42. Colorful Rose Tattoos

  43. Blackwork Rose Tattoos

  44. Cross with Roses Tattoo

  45. Orange Rose Tattoo

Do shoulders tattoos hurt?

Shoulders are among the less painful places to get a tattoo on and it’s all thick skin without any nerves. Pain levels range from low to moderate depending on one person’s perception of pain of course. Usually people describe pain as pain in the skin, which feels like a scratch on the cheek. As the tattooing needle moves closer to the bones it can feel like a slightly painful vibration. If someone is feeling pain or aches with a tattoo, shoulder should be a suitable location. Keep in mind each individual can have a different tolerance of pain.

Shoulder Tattoos of Roses

Shoulder Tattoos of Roses

Rose Tattoo Meaning

Using Rose Tattoo you can show love and devotion to another in any fashion. A rose tattoo is an indicator of promise, new starts for strength, power, peace and even homage to the dead. The color of some rosette tattoos also changes or enhances the meaning. Rose tattoos can also be used to emphasize the meaning in new ways of expressing your love for your partner or to add a new colour to the rose. The Rose is one of many more desired tattooed features around the world. It can be used to represent a woman’s love.

Rose Tattoo With Name

It combines feelings of love and resilience and creates an art piece that is worth displaying on. Insert the person/persons name onto the flower, creating a enduring commitment to someone in your life. Make memory last forever by tattooing your rose on someone you love.

Rose Sleeve Tattoo Design

Rose tattoos can look very elegant especially when they are inked in thin lines. This tattoo design is the best choice for those who want a classy tattoo design on their arms or hands. It also looks great when it is surrounded by floral vines with leaves and various other styles of tattoos which you may like to get done around it.

Rose Hip Tattoo

This is another variation of rose hip tattoos which you can give a try if you love roses. This tattoo design looks good on women who want to get something done lower down on their body like below waist or even on their hips. It will look great with any skirt, shorts or dress that you wear as it adds some class and elegance to your outfit.

Small Rose Shoulder Tattoo

The small rose tattoo is a simple black ink design which would fit everyone. You can make it more detailed like this or you could put some color or shape the rose into more elaborate tattoo.

Cool Rose Tattoo Designs

Rose tattoos are one of the popular choices among women. This is mainly because roses have both their feminine and romantic connotation attached to them. The Rose flower symbolizes love, beauty, gentleness, grace, femininity, passion and seduction. It reflects different aspects of our personalities so it makes sense that there are so many reasons to get a rose tattoo.

Sometimes it may symbolize hate, aggression, anger and war as well because of its thorns.

Realistic Rose Tattoo Design

If you want to get a real rose tattoo then this is definitely one of the most amazing tattoo designs that you will come across. It is a very good choice for those who love roses and want to get inked on their body. With this tattoo design, what matters the most is the artist’s skills and how well he or she can do it.

Tiny Rose Tattoo Design

The number of petals of a rose tattoo is generally the one which people go for. As most women love roses, they generally go for tattoos with multiple petals. However it all depends on your personal choice and preference as well. For example some may just have a single flower or even a bud with a few leaves without any elaborate design.

It is ok if you don’t like big designs and prefer a simple one. The rose tattoo design which looks great on your shoulder can actually look great when it is inked on your wrist or ankle as well.

Unique and trendy Rose Tattoo

The design features flowers, glass ornaments, other flowers and crystal stones along with them. What makes this tattoo unusual is the triangle design. Outside a triangle of black ink tattooes have a color on the exterior and on each side the ink appears only black. We love this combination of colors – so elegant. Try something similar or try a different rose pattern. It is presented as a black and white triangle pattern.

Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

A stained glass window decoration payes tribute to the Disney classic. This is an ideal piece of kit for fan of Belle and Beast. The Rose symbolise time, love and humility. You can never be subtle without noding to the flowers in their glass case. The design is perfect choice for your skin and an excellent way to display your favorite characters.

Rose Neck Tattoo Designs

Neck tattoo designs are usually the first choice among women and girls. But shoulder rose tattoos are also favoured by many. It is a very sexy tattoo design that can look fabulous when it is placed at just the right place on your body. It may be closer to your neck or even lower down depending on your personal preference and taste.

Rose tattoos are loved by many because of their beauty. You can place them almost anywhere on your body and they will look good. The rose tattoos are the ones which are the most popular among women. This is mainly because it can represent different things according to its color, size, petals etc.

Rose Ankle Tattoo

The ankle tattoos are mostly inked on women as they look great with their dresses. The rose tattoo design which is very popular can also be done on your ankles. It looks good especially if it has some small vines around it with leaves or even other styles of tattoos. You can even try your hand at making this one yourself, if you are good at drawing.

Tribal Rose Tattoo Design

Tribal rose tattoos are also very popular. These tattoos are usually inked using black ink along with various shades of grey which make them look even more stylish. It is a great tattoo design for women especially if they want to get some ink done on their shoulders or arms.

Traditional Rose Tattoo

They’ve been available since the ’30s and resemble sometimes sailor-esque designs. It looks best with no stems or thorns and represents love strength and hope. Choose this fantastic piece if you are after a blast from the past! Roses are best displayed without stem, thorn and petals.

Skull and Rose Tattoo

The skull and the rose symbolizes the disparity between life and death. The one using this ink has the balance between good and evil and philosophy between. The design is rich in symbolism. The skull represents the disparity of life and death of Hamlet and of the underworld.

Rose Outline Tattoo Design

This tattoo design may not be as popular as others but it is a great choice if you want a tattoo design which looks stylish and elegant. It can look amazing on your body especially for those who love going out clubbing or to parties.

Dead Rose Tattoo Design

If you are looking for something really dark and gothic, then this tattoo design is one of the best variations. Inked by itself or as a part of a larger design, it will look great on your arm or shoulder as well as on your back. It has its own unique charm to it which makes it special from the rest.

Money Rose Tattoo

The petals a little like a banknote represent an exciting and striking combination which will surely draw attention. It’s a perfect idea that pairs two of the world’s strongest influences together on a work of ink. The money rose tattoos symbolize power and new beginnings.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

A yellow or gold flower symbolises happiness and creating inviting impact on the style. Combine warmer tones with green foliage, and you’ve got an art that is worth cherishing forever. A yellow flower can be combined with other floral colours as a rose.

Red Rose Tattoo

Red rose tattoo is timeless and looks fantastic in many different types. It’s best to change colours once a year as this palette of shade may fade over time. The traditional Chinese or Western design is perfectly acceptable with a red rose tattoo.

Cross with Rose Tattoo

The delicate roses contrast with geometric edges, creating a symbiotic piece for you forever. What’ll be the more refined look on the board? As a symbol of religion and devotion the rose represents a devotion to belief and devotion.

Compass Rose Tattoo

The compass and rose tattoo represents who we are inside. Let your heart guide your life this ink resembles your luck and hope. It’s got a lot meaning. I am obsessed with the compass with my heart tattooed with roses.

Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

Symbolizing metamorphosis and love this ink is a wonderful representative of the circle of life. There are many ways of composing this object with the wings crossing the flower or the insects launching into the flora. If you chose something you could make compliments fly to you! The butterflies symbolise metamorphosis and love. There are many methods for creating a tattoo.

Rose with Thorns Tattoo

The contrast amongst life and death manifests itself in this artistic ink. Keep it classic with a bold red flower paired with green stems or opt for something contemporary and geometric. Even with the best design you can find people talking with rose tattoos. The meaning on a traditional rose tattoo with thorns adds a subtle t.

Rose with Thorns Tattoo

The contrast amongst life and death manifests itself in this artistic ink. Keep it classic with a bold red flower paired with green stems or opt for something contemporary and geometric. Even with the best design you can find people talking with rose tattoos. The meaning on a traditional rose tattoo with thorns adds a subtle t.

Rose and Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

This tattoo has a large flower on the side and delicate flower patterned leafing on the shoulder. It’s an elegant and beautiful tattoo idea for women we highly recommend having.

Three Roses

Three flowers are painted with leaves with leaves. One thing is certain, it’s an impressive tattoo suited to all. Recreate this huge piece of body art or choose just one flower if you prefer lesser quality tattoos. Or choose a simple rose design with leaves or a large design such this is a great choice on you.

Black Rose Tattoo

A black rose tattoo is an interesting way for one to show a piece about yourself. The dark tones will contrast with the delicate design and if paired with a brightly colored jewel can add to its poetic quality. Whether it is large and strong or small and subtle, you are going to show that ink to everyone you choose.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Shoulder

Cherry blossom tattoos are subtle, elegant and may be big or small, black or multicolour. Some people choose a cherry tree tattoo because they are trying to remind their loved one to enjoy life every day. Depending on the design the cherry flowers may extend down your arm and into part sleeves. The choice is whether to put them on your shoulder as well as maybe your shoulder blade on your elbow as well. Life is short one life and I only live once but that’s the truth and a Cherry Blossom tattoo can portray this. This is a wonderful metaphor for transience of life since it never lasts very long.

Lily Tattoo on Shoulder

It’s the common symbol of fertility and purity. Pink lilies represent prosperity and ambition. Yellow lilies depict health and healing. Like other flowers rose lilies symbolize romanticism. Your lily tattoo can only cover the shoulder region. Everything depends on the design you decide on. It can be put on your shoulder as well as your hand or chest. The Lily tattoo also symbolizes feminine qualities especially motherhood. Passion and royalty are associated with the beauty of the lily flower. It’s really important for everyone to have this lady in their head and to have a tattoo on a finger.

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Hibiscus flowers symbolise love and affection through their red and hot pink blossoms. Pink hibiscus symbolizes the femininity whilst purple flowers portray mystery and excellence. Blue is a symbol of liberty, independence and freedom. Orange means joy, warm hospitality and happiness and orange symbolizes joy and kindness. Some people wear tattoos with respect to Haiti to pay tribute or display appreciation. BLUE signifies freedom or to make your own decisions. Orange symbolizes joy, friendship and warmth and orange brings joy. Blue represents calmness of innocence and freedom.

Lotus Tattoo on Shoulder

Lotus is characterized by purity and divine beauty. Usually women are the preferred choice for lotus tattoos, because they depict peace and simplicity. Lotus reminds us that obstacles should be overcome. Compassion and strength also are linked with lotus flowers. Some people place lotu tattoos on their back or ribs or arms. A lotus branch does great at the waist as well as the shoulders. Lotus can float in a raft and its not hurt in something surrounding it. Hence this delicate flower symbolizes calmness. I think it’s a good choice of tattoos.

Small Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

You can get flower tattoos in all colors or styles. In spite of the small size these tattoos can be very effective. You can combine these with other themes including hummingbirds, hearts crescent moon hummingbirds and hearts. However as these tattoos appear simple and easy it is required that you invest in many of the skills necessary to obtain their subtle and sensitive look. You really need a professional tattoo artist to get a flower-based tattoo on a little or subtle tattoo on the shoulder. then small flower tattoo makes it look subtle.

Poppy Tattoo on Shoulder

Poppy is well known as the flower symbolizing The First World War. Poppy’s flowers symbolise sacrifice and love. Poppies are symbol of success in some cultures especially in Asia. Often people want to be in their own way and wear a poppy piercing for their funeral because their death is connected to those whom they love. Ideally your poppy tattoo should be black or red with spiky edges. Besides flowers you can also add stems so the stems can descend on your arm or back. Poppy tattoos can also portray fertility fruitfully, sleep and nature.

Daisy tattoo on shoulder

Like other flowers, daisies generally represent fresh beginnings and hope. Daisies also promote positive emotions and signify fun affection and other nice values. You can put your daisy patch any part of the tattoo and it can even look pretty on it. Typically it is on the front region of the shoulder blades or the shoulder. This is one of those flowers that have been specially designed for females so that our love of cuteness never gets tired. We can’t wait until you have your own little Daisy tattoo.

Peony Tattoo on Shoulder

Peonies can serve as an example of courage honor or prosperity. A peony tattoo on your shoulder is important for many reasons. Besides peonies you can add additional themes including dragons and snakes to your tattoo. These tattoo patterns usually indicate the balance between power and beauty. For this reason these flowers are used for festivities of huge and important holidays like those celebrated on a big holiday. While peonies were considered a symbol of masculinity, women also enjoy them.

Jasmine Tattoo on the shoulder

The meaning of the Jasmine Tattoo varies between cultures. Jasmine is the flowers that bloom after dark. It frequently symbolises the value of modestity and simplicity. Usually people use the flowers to cover up several of their shoulders. Flowers are in many cases a symbol of love, sensuality or beauty. In this sense it stands for simplicity, humility and purity. The white blooms of Jasmine represent purity and innocence in the tattoo industry, specifically here in the United States.

Tribal Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Tribal design is special when it’s large. You can use anything to create a tribal design with a tattoo artist. Choose a flower whose symbolic quality you consider relatable or your favorite flower. Tribal tattoos date back centuries and are great ways to honor your culture. If you choose to wear a small floral tattoo you’ll have a beautiful little flower. The best thing about these tattoos is that you can use both flowers you wish to use and any other flower.

Sunflower Tattoo on Shoulder

The symbol of sunflowers belongs to Greek mythology. In the story the nymph was obsessed with Apollo. In a bid to punish his girlfriend, Apollo made Clyttie a sunflower. Sunflowers symbolize love loyalty and hope. A multicolored sunflower tattoo sitting on your face is gorgeous, you can also go for black or grey colors. Depending on the hue of your skin your black and green tattoo can have an interesting aura. Just remember to detail your tattoo.

Magnolia Tattoo on Shoulder

Magnolia Flowers represent strength, nobility and love of the natural world. Despite its fragile nature magnolia also toughens. People who have overcome a number of challenges often chose magnolia flowers tattoo. Your magnolia tattoos may have other flower motifs such as peonies such at those of the same flower as magnoles flower or peonies in.

Colorful Rose Tattoos

Colorful rose is much better than blackwork as they look stunning! These may be a subtle or bold watercolor one, geometric or realistic. Place them wherever they will fit – in your arms and on your hand. A new trend is some contour of one other that has roses under it. A cat, a leaf or a dove or any similar object. Maple leaf rose tattoo – a flower rose tattoo is a new trends that looks boldly like pink roses inside. A blue and purple rose on two shoulders bold rose on the left inner back hand delicate rose on one end large purple and blue roses realistic red rose tattooed on a shoulder.

Blackwork Rose Tattoos

The favourite pieces of black rose are a side, a shoulder and a back. You also have the option for a cool finger or hand tattoo if you want something small. I absolutely love how black flowers look over shoulders – that’s gorgeous! And just look at that guy with the skull and rose on top…it’s one huge statement! Black finger rose tattoo black rose on hand blackwork rose back tattoo black work rose on shoulders and on the shoulders geometirc patterns and the rose on.

Cross with Roses Tattoo

A cross tattooed with roses is a simple but elegant design. Make clean, thin, crisp lines for the crosses by choosing small-scale rose petals if you prefer an uncluttered tattoo look. If you want a more intricate model, choose something with elaborately drawn pieces interacting with each other for a cohesive symbol demonstrating your dedication. A cross represents faith and beginnings.

Orange Rose Tattoo

Orange rose tattoos can signify happy feelings to loved ones. Orange is a mixture of yellow and red meaning something is mixed together. Orange rose tattoos are the way of a special person to have an amazing spot in the universe.

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