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Month: May 2021


Fenrir Tattoo Designs 

Many people have a fascination with Norse mythology. Fenrir is one of the most popular gods in the Norse pantheon, and for good reason! There are many stories that revolve around this giant wolf-like creature, but we want to focus on his tattoos. The Fenrir…

attatck on titan tattoo

Attack on Titan Tattoo 

In the world of tattoo art, attack on titan tattoos are a huge trend. The show is popular and so it’s no surprise that people want to be able to get an attack on titan inspired tattoo. These tattoos come in many different styles, but…

lavender tattoo

Lavender Tattoo 

Lavender tattoos are just as beautiful as the flower itself. Lavender has long been associated with beauty and luxury, and is a perfect source of inspiration for tattoos due to its natural beauty and charming appearance. Lavenders come in many different shades, which can be…

skeleton hand tattoo
Hand Tattoo

Skeleton Hand Tattoo 

Skeleton hand tattoos have been around for decades, but it is only recently that the trend has exploded. What’s so special about this tattoo style? The skeleton form is an ancient image that can be traced back to Roman times and beyond. For some people,…


Tree of Life Tattoo 

Tree of Life Tattoo History The tree of life is a powerful symbol with deep roots in culture and history. In many cultures, it’s a central image that can mean many different things: the connection between heaven and Earth, the journey of one’s soul through…

alien tattoo
Space Tattoo

Alien Tattoo 

Alien tattoos are a popular choice among Sci-Fi fans and those who want to make a statement. It’s not uncommon for people to get an alien tattoo as their first tattoo, or even the only one they will ever have. The most common symbol of…