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19 Best Meaningful Dragonfly Tattoo Designs | Crazytattoopics

Meaningful dragonfly tattoo – The dragonfly tattoo can have deep religious as well as spiritual meanings to the wearer.

In the modern times, dragonfly tattoos have far more meaning. The use in tattoo art has become popular because of its symbolism. Ancient Chinese people believed that the dragonfly can morph into a human and when it reaches an old age, it turns back into a dragonfly again.

The Chinese also believe that when a dragonfly enters indoors, it indicates that evil spirits are lurking about and one should be cautious at all times.

Its positive symbolisms such as good luck and eternal youth, together with its beauty make the dragonfly tattoos a favourite amongst people who love tattoos.

There are many meanings for dragonfly tattoos depending on the culture and location. Most believe it is a sign of happiness and luck, while others believe that it can offer protection from evil spirits. The main idea behind most cultures is that dragonflies are seen as beautiful creatures which make them an attractive option for tattoo design both in men and women regardless of the meaning associated with them.

In Japan, however, there is a belief that if a person wears an image of a Japanese Dragonfly on his/her body then they will be free from physical pain when they place their hand above their head.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that is less traditional and suits someone who likes buzzy colours, then a dragonfly tattoo might be the perfect choice. Tattoos can feature metallic colours or black ink with designs being customised to your preference. Though dragonfly tattoos are mostly preferred by young people, it is not unusual for adults to get them as well. Find the perfect dragon tattoo design here at this site with hundreds of images and pictures you can look through.

meaningful dragonfly tattoo

meaningful dragonfly tattoo

dragonfly tattoo
dragonfly tattoo

Table of Contents

  1. What does a dragonfly tattoo symbolize?

  2. Religious and Cultural Significance

  3. Dragonfly Tattoo on Neck

  4. Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo

  5. Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo

  6. Dotwork Dragonfly Tattoo

  7. Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo

  8. Dragonfly Tattoo on Wrist

  9. Dragonfly Tattoo on Foot

What does a dragonfly tattoo symbolize?

Different cultures all over the world associate different meanings to the dragonfly tattoo. However, no matter what meaning it holds for you or anyone else, one thing is for sure that a dragonfly tattoo is an attractive design and can be placed on any part of your body as per your desire.

Religious and Cultural Significance

The dragonfly tattoo can have deep religious as well as spiritual meanings to the wearer. If the wearer has a strong belief in God and is also aware of all that he/she has in life, then this tattoo will be able to give them strength and courage. This symbolizes happiness for the person wearing it.

Unlike other traditional tattoos where only men are seen with them, even women love the dragonfly tattoo design not just because of its beauty but also because it gives them hope and joy which they need in their lives.

It’s true that there are many options available when people start looking for a way to express themselves on their skin. But why do we choose an image or a picture? Tattoos on humans can remind us about things, feelings, thoughts or persons that we want to forget. It can also be a declaration of everlasting love for your partner and show everybody that you are committed and serious about the relationship between you two.

However, some people prefer meaningful dragonfly tattoos not just because they have deep life meanings but also because it has a beautiful design and artistic value attached to it. This is why most tattoo enthusiasts choose dragonfly designs even though they don’t know what this particular image symbolizes for someone else. However there are instances where the wearer considers various meanings behind a particular design before getting inked with it on his/her skin.

Dragonfly Tattoo on Neck

A dragonfly tattoo on the neck is ideal for a couple who have just got engaged. It shows that you are committed to your partner and won’t let go unless death do you apart. As mentioned earlier, it can be used as a declaration of love to someone special in your life. But getting a dragonfly tattoo of this kind may not suit everyone, especially if you were born under Aquarius with its symbol being an eagle. The wearer must be someone married or already in a relationship because their eternal commitment cannot change even if they break up.

dragon tattoo on neck back
dragon tattoo on side neck

dragon tattoo on back of neck

Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo

Tribal dragonfly design is a timeless tattoo that originated from Native American tribes. This popular native design is one of the most favored ones today.

The tribal Dragonfly tattoo will be visible to everyone and not just because it’s on your body but because its lines are bold, big and thick. It shows fight, bravery as well as strength in you. If you want to be memorable then this is a good choice for you especially when someone asks about what your tattoo means. It’s better if you choose red hues as they symbolize life whereas black symbolizes death or something negative.

tribal dragon tattoo on leg
tribal dragon tattoo on back

Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo

This is a dragonfly tattoo design that has been inked on the flesh of many people. But what makes this type different from other ink jobs is the fact that it looks more like a painting rather than an actual drawing. This particular effect can be achieved by adding colors to traditional tattoos which may seem unusual at first but it’s amazing on how colorful and vibrant they are.

watercolour dragonfly tattoo on arm
watercolour dragonfly tattoo

watercolour dragonfly tattoo on foot

Dotwork Dragonfly Tattoo

This type of tattoo is not just for men but for women as well. It shows that the wearer has a warrior’s heart. The design is made up of dots, lines and multiple colors to make it more attractive and eye-catching. This dragonfly tattoo also shows determination which can also mean that you will never back down when it comes to fighting corruption or injustice.

The dotwork dragonfly tattoo on the wrist symbolizes freedom from all kinds of problems in your life like depression, anxiety or stress one may encounter every day. Since watercolor tattoos are very popular nowadays, why not mix them with something different? By getting this kind of tattoo done, people would notice how unique and creative you really are.

dotwork dragonfly tattoo on arm

dotwork dragonfly tattoo

Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are favored by both men and women. This kind of tattoo is precise, simple and geometric in nature. It’s appropriate for everyone regardless of age or background as it has no specific origin.

When planning to get a dragonfly tattoo, make sure that you will be able to carry this design with you even if you’re already old because its flexibility makes it last longer than any other designs out there today.

geometric dragonfly tattoo
geometric dragonfly tattoo on arm

Dragonfly Tattoo on Wrist

A Dragonfly wrist tattoo symbolizes freedom from all kinds of problems in your life like depression, anxiety or stress one may encounter every day. The Dotwork Dragonfly design shows determination which can also mean that you will never back down when it comes to fighting corruption or injustice.

The wearer of this tattoo will be blessed with a happy life that’s full of fun, love and excitement. This kind of ink job is perfect for those who are born under the zodiac sign Aquarius because they have traits like being sympathetic, humane, intuitive and someone who’s easygoing in nature.

dragonfly tattoo on wrist
minimalistic dragonfly tattoo on wrist

small dragonfly tattoo on wrist

Dragonfly Tattoo on Foot

A dragonfly foot tattoo design is simple yet meaningful at the same time. It shows your commitment to your partner as well as to the things you believe in without saying a word from your lips. The geometry design makes you look sophisticated while its colors bring out the beauty within you making you look attractive and amazing all at once.

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